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‘Spain: 500 Years of Spanish Painting From the Museums of Madrid’ Review: A Visual Heritage Tour

Finally, in , Madrid received permission from Toledo to construct a new church dedicated to the Virgin of Almudena.

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Tomatoes, potatoes, avocadoes, tobacco, and cacao, were all brought to Europe then spread around the world by the Spaniards from their American colonies On May 15th all the single women in Madrid visit the chapel called Ermita de San Isidro to prick their fingers with pins and put it in a vessel, in order to find a husband.

Same sex marriage has been legal in Spain since FC Barcelona is the biggest privately owned stadium in the world seating , people The summer Olympics were held in Barcelona.

Soccer is the most important sport. Real Madrid is the most popular club in the world with over million supporters Real Madrid is also the richest club in the wo rld. Madrid enjoys more cloudless days than almost any other city in Europe. The population of Madrid is just over 6 million…which is more than the population of some countries, such as Norway, Ireland, Scotland, denmark.

In Ibiza, tourists spend about million euros each year. One in every five citizens registered in Ibiza lives in an isolated house in the country. I got to see an FC Barcelona soccer match when I was visiting and it was epic! Complete with a fight breaking out after the game, ha! I live right near there and had no idea there were so many people there! Thanks for a fun post! Christopher Columbus is not from spain but from the Republic of Geneoa at that time, but which is these days part of italy.

Sorry to say that Columbus was actually spanish…he pretended to be from Genoa because he fought in a revolution against the spanish monarchy when he was young and now needed money from them to fund his trip to India taking the opposite direction….

Columbus was Italian, not Spanish! At least get your fact straight before you post them online…. I just want to say that one of your facts is wrong… Portugal also produces bananas, in one of its islands Madeira , where the tiny banana is not only a symbol of that region but also a delicacy appreciated all over the world.

Thanks a lot it helped so much with my geography homework. This is faster and easier than a textbook and I luv it so yeah……………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heres a cool infographic about Spain, as well as a newspaper about Spain written in English. I thought you can speak English in Spain. Christopher Columbus was Italian, he only worked for Spain they funded his explorations. I must say that bullfighting is NOT considered a sports here and many of us despise it as an uncalled for way of torturing innocent animals Also, not it is only forbidden to smoke in workplaces and bar — but absolutely anywhere indoors except your own home!

Barcelona FC did not oppose Franco in its time, but does confront the unity of the Spanish territories nowadays. As regards the Spanish inventions, there are many others, not only stick-related, such as the automatic-playing chess, the submarine, the helicopter, the guitar, stamps or even world currency or itself!

Nowadays, even state-of-the-art investigations come out of this country, such as stem cells, solar systems, or nano-technology. Christopher Columbus was burried in three differents parts in Spain and South America but he is know in Spain.

Exist the posibility of a Portuguese origin. Nice blog, but please, check number FC Barcelona rewarded Franco with many gifts, and Franco saved the club from bankruptcy letting them sell some land. During the first ten years of his dictatorship, all titles were won by Bilbao and Barcelona. The town with more people cheering Franco in public appearances was Barcelona. Inclusions and exclusions Indices. Key dates in dividends payment. Continuous Market Monthly Report. Continuous Market Annual Report.

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