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Rafa May 19, Omar Mena Flores August 23, Muchas gracias, has aclarado una duda que me perturbaba. Sonia Ch September 15, Astrid Castillo January 5, Natalia May 6, Nubia May 16, Eilyn Andres May 18, Cristina May 18, Tamara Santana May 27, Margarita May 29, Danielle July 10, Edgar Arenas April 16, Adriana July 19, Seany August 25, Abril July 22, Luisa November 9, Diego July 26, Magda Balderas August 24, Rodrigo Sanhueza July 31, Natalia August 2, Mi pregunta, es hay alguna referencia y el ejemplo de una portada en la Apa Laura August 13, Alejandra August 19, Saul Ferman Guerrero August 22, Dayana August 24, Paola Celeita August 23, Luis Carlos Guzman August 29, Solo en tercera persona!!!

Jannin August 30, Please put the cards in order. Could you put these files in order, please? In order for sales to be strong, our department needs to work hard this month. Con el objetivo de aumentar las ventas, nuestro departamento tiene que trabajar duro este mes. Relates noun or pronoun to another element of sentence--for example, "a picture of John," "She walked from my house to yours. You don't need a degree in order to work as an escort.

In order to travel abroad, you must have a valid passport. No necesitas un diploma para trabajar como escolta. Para viajar al extranjero, debes tener un pasaporte. You should list your past jobs on your CV in reverse chronological order.

After I took my car to the mechanic, everything seemed to be in running order. Clothes that are made to order ought to fit better than off-the-rack clothes. Service is slow because each dish is made to order. Mail order catalogs have seen stiff competition from online merchants in the Internet age. La compra por correo ha encontrado una dura competencia en la era de las compras por Internet.

Since he did not like the desks he found for sale, he had one made to order for his new office. Member of the Order of the British Empire n noun: Please send your payment by check or money order. Many companies sell money orders, but only the postal service sells postal orders.

Tengo que rellenar un impreso de solicitud para pedir los cartuchos de la impresora. Order of Friars Minor n noun: Se los llama tambien "franciscanos observantes". The order of succession meant that Edward VI would become King when his father died. The order of the day always starts with the flag salute at our school. Let's take attendance and then get straight to the order of the day.

Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!

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